Building Momentum for The Burden

It’s week 5 of our Kickstarter campaign, and we are making some serious progress both with the fundraising and the final creative elements of the film. We have very talented people putting excellent efforts behind the film, and we would love to be able to pay them for their work, and finish the film.  On Kickstarter we only receive the money if we meet our goal,  so please make a contribution today.  

Ben Hillman is one of several on the creative team, creating amazing graphics and animations for the film.  The great composer John Cabán, another fine artist who I hope to pay with the money we raise, has been working tirelessly to score and record the music you'll hear throughout the film, some of which you can hear in my weekly video updates

The more momentum we have going into the final weeks, the more attention we’re likely to get, and improve chances of hitting our goal. Thank you to all of you who have given to The Burden's Kickstarter campaign so far, and please spread the word or give if you haven't already.

Speaking of momentum, I’m also pleased and honored to announce that we’ll be premiering the film, still a work in progress, to our first live audience this week at West Point to a group of cadets and staff. Be sure to check back next week for a full update on my visit to West Point with Jon Gensler, a West Point alum, who brings tremendous heart to the film, sharing his experiences protecting fuel convoys while in the Army. 

Be sure to check out this week's short video update on The Burden's Kickstarter page:


Thank you for being one of The Burden's most ardent supporters.

With gratitude,

Roger Sorkin

Producer/ Director, The Burden