Now Is The Time! Only 48 Hours Left To Support The Burden

We have just 48 hours left of The Burden's Kickstarter campaign. We are getting very close, but we still need to raise just over $10,000 in these next 48 hours in order to make our goal. If we reach our goal, we receive the funds you pledged to finish the film, you receive your perks, and The Burden can begin its important work helping transform an America free of fossil fuels. 

If we don't reach our goal by 2PM EDT this Saturday, May 24, none of this will happen. 

We need your help right now! Please give today if you haven't already. Consider raising your contribution if you have already given. Please also send this email to five more friends and encourage them to contribute right now. Together we can achieve this goal and makeThe Burden a reality. 

Thank you for being one of The Burden's most ardent supporters. 


With gratitude,

Roger Sorkin 

Producer/ Director, The Burden