Now Is The Time To Support The Burden

Only two weeks remain for The Burden's Kickstarter campaign, and there is considerable ground to cover to meet our goal. We are thrilled for all the contributions so far, but unless we hit our $50,000 target, we'll receive none of the funds pledged by our supporters, and completion of the film will be delayed indefinitely. If you've been planning to contribute but haven't yet, now is the time! Please help us build the momentum to reach our goal before May 24.

Here's what's at stake with our continued addiction to fossil fuels:

  • Fossil fuel emissions exacerbate environmental problems and create what the military calls "threat multipliers"
  • Oil dependence endangers the lives of our uniformed men and women every day 
  • Our economy is at the mercy of global oil markets, 20% of the demand for which comes from the U.S., emboldening many oil-rich nations who don't share our values

The film and our advocacy efforts are giving lawmakers and entrepreneurs the tools and support they need to make serious changes toward a renewable energy economy – but we can't do this without you!  Please make a contribution on our Kickstarter page today, where you can also see our new video update featuring some amazing combat veterans.  And once you've done that, please forward the link to our Kickstarter page far and wide ( 


This is indeed the national, global and civilizational security issue of our time, so please help us tell the story today!

Thank you for being one of The Burden's most ardent supporters.

With gratitude,

Roger Sorkin

Producer/ Director, The Burden