Only 3 Days Left To Support The Burden

Imagine a country with countless high-paying contracts available for clean energy, breathable air, and peace of mind from reduced international conflict. A robust clean tech industry can make this possible, and The Burden is a powerful tool to encourage policymakers to bring about the change to allow this reality. But our Kickstarter campaign ends at 2:22PM Eastern Time this Saturday, and we need to make our $50,000 goal by then to make this happen. 

Your investment in The Burden now isn’t just to make a film – it is the first step in helping Washington policymakers make the right decisions toward clean energy in the name of national security. Telling the story about the dangers of fossil fuel dependence and the huge economic opportunities at hand will help break down the walls in Washington, opening the door for our future advocacy efforts. 

But none of this happens if we don’t make our goal. Please give now, and forward this email to five more friends today. With your help, we can make real and lasting change for all of our success and well being. 

Thank you for being one of The Burden's most ardent supporters. 

With gratitude, 

Roger Sorkin 

Producer/ Director, The Burden