Helping Free America of Fossil Fuel Dependence

The U.S. military is waging war against its toughest foe ever – oil  dependence – the greatest threat to American prosperity, security and lives.   Support THE BURDEN film and our advocacy efforts to help develop renewable energy sources and free America of its dangerous fossil fuel addiction. 


Latest News

I am very excited to announce the release of the official trailer for The Burden.  You can watch it here:, and please feel free to forward it far and wide.  In advance of our public release and official premiere (stay tuned), we've already received an overwhelming response at private screenings at venues like West Point, the Pentagon, the U.S. Capitol and elsewhere.  These screenings are helping spread the word and raise the funds we need to continue promoting the film and its strategic advocacy campaign.  

Your dedication to spreading the word and contributing to The Burden's successful Kickstarter campaign has allowed us to finally finish the film! We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you. We're now hard at work implementing our distribution and advocacy strategies to make sure the film reaches far and wide, while hoping to accomplish its goal of helping end America's fossil fuel dependence as soon as possible. 

Congressman Scott Peters (CA-52), clean energy campaign Operation Free, and CleanTECH San Diego hosted a private screening, followed by a discussion on Defense Energy issues at the San Diego Central Library last week. Panelists included Andrea Marr, a former Navy officer and a spokesperson for Operation Free; CAPT James C. Goudreau, Acting Deputy Assistant Security of the Navy (Energy); David Field, President and CEO, OneRoof Energy; Adam Gerza, Director of Government Affairs, Sullivan Solar Power; Rep. Scott Peters; and, Roger Sorkin, the film's producer/director.